No…this is not a post about whether to drink wine or abstain.

You can study God’s Word for yourself to decide this issue. This is a post about one special wedding celebration that took place 2,000 or so years ago. The picture above was my attempt at my daughter’s wedding to add a Jewish flair via “trying” to do a very Jewish dance. Well…we sure had fun, despite my lack of dancing skills.

Today’s Podcast describes one wedding feast the servant staff was surely not quick to forget. It is found in John 2:1-11. The inductive study skill I want you “engagers in truth” to focus on is the observation skill of marking time phrases and geographical locations. Personally, I double underline locations in green (like grass) and place a green clock over anything that answers a when question.

Here is your assignment:

1-Read John 2:1-11 and look for and mark any words that denote time

2-Read the passage again (this is a good practice, since repetition helps you remember more) and double underline any locations

3-Once again, go through these eleven verses and see if you “see” a key repeated word. *HINT: it has to do with what Jesus changed the water into

I hope you will listen to the Engagement with Truth Podcast, where I go a little bit deeper into this passage in the Gospel of John!



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