Which way did he go? Sounds like something you would hear in an old black and white movie. When the “coppers” were chasing Jimmy Cagney and asked a bystander “Which way did he go?”

In today’s Podcast I start with the question “Are You Pointing People to THE TRUTH? If you, like those bystanders didn’t see the way he went, you simply can’t point people in the direction of truth either. Oh, but if you watched him slip around the corner with your own eyes, your law abiding citizens duty would be to point the police officer in the right direction.

Let’s look at the Gospel of John 1:35-51 together and ,as always, I have a short Engagement with Truth assignment for you. BTW, here is a copy of the Gospel of John that you can download and print to do your markings on:

Gospel of John Observation Worksheets

1-Read through John 1 again

2-mark every reference to Jesus with a cross (use a color if you like)

    • also, mark any way Jesus is portrayed (Word, Light, etc.)
    • as we progress through John, take note of every way Jesus is portrayed and make a list of them in your Engagement with Truth Notebook

See…that was pretty easy. I hope you will join me for the Podcast go a little deeper into our passage with me.

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