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Labor Day 2017 is past history! Once again, students of all ages have begun the process of life-long learning in some way, shape or form. Even if you are not enrolled in a formal education program, we are all students in the school of life.

Have you ever thought about studying the Bible? When I was a young woman…a teenager to be precise…I was desperate to understand the one book that was central to my faith. How I enjoyed, no…LOVED, walking through the local Christian bookstores in search of books, Christian music, magazines and any other means by which I could discover the truths of God’s Word for myself.

One vivid memory of the learning process for me is being at a small kitchen table with a HUGE volume called “Survey of the New Testament” by Irving Jensen. I probably made it through ten pages of this classic textbook and filled three sheets of paper with notes. As I type this blog today, I can’t tell you one iota of what I learned! Perhaps you have had a similar experience with “textbook” learning.

My goal today is to help you see beyond massive and complicated works written by theologians from another time period. I want YOU to see and enjoy the Bible for yourself! And as I learned years later, knowing God’s Word for myself is definitely within my reach. Friends, I have an Associates Degree, in get this…Secretarial Science! I’m not saying I am uneducated, but I am not claiming to be a rocket scientist either.

Do you hunger for a living, vibrant relationship with a loving God? You can have it today! Bible study is not difficult when you have the right set of tools and, most importantly, the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within you. This is where I and the Bible Study Leaders at Beloved Truth Online Bible Studies long to help you reach your goal of knowing God through the greatest book ever written! Beloved Truth’s Online Bible Study Teachers have a tremendous passion to come alongside people of all ages to study the Bible in community ONLINE…anytime and anyplace! We choose our Bible studies with great care. Many of them are Inductive Bible Studies because these are the ones that give you those “simple tools” to open God’s Word in a life-changing and systematic way, but we are not limited to inductive studies. If we offer a study, we can assure you it will be one that makes your roots grow deep and encourages you to press on in the “school of life” in a manner worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ.

Want to know more about how you can register for an online study with us? Visit Beloved Truth and/or continue reading below about who we are and what we do!

Who are we and what do we do?

We are an online Bible study ministry whose vision is to reach and teach people God’s Word via the internet.

Beloved Truth Ministries provides our team of Online Bible Study Leaders with a variety of online classrooms and venues, free of charge, in which to lead effective online Bible studies.

Our mission is to connect Online Bible Study Leaders  to members of the body of Christ via online venues, so that they “entrust God’s Word to faithful men and women who will be able to teach others also”. 2 Timothy 2:2

Our Online Bible Study Leaders are experienced, thoroughly vetted and agree with our Doctrinal and Mission Statements. Online Bible Study Leaders go through an application and online training  process and meet requirements as defined by the Beloved Truth Leadership Team.

The Bible is the core of of Beloved Truth’s ministry and our passion is for the gospel of Jesus Christ to take flight and reach the ends of the earth, as a result of the accurate handling of God’s Word…the Bible.

Visit our homepage at to see all our existing and upcoming classes and begin your journey with us. We would be honored to connect with you in community online…anytime…anyplace!





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