What is the difference between the anger of men and the anger of God?

In this season of life, I am discovering in a more intimate way how deep the Father’s love is for me. Everything He does in my day-to-day existence is from a heart that bleeds with love. This morning I’m diving into the book of Amos in preparation for teaching through the Kings and Prophets series produced by Precept Ministries, Int’l.  In Amos 1, the Lord is promising judgment on a few nations for their sinful and destructive behavior. My question in prayer is “Lord, how can you send judgment and be loving simultaneously? You are teaching me how great a love you have for all people…yet judgment???”

In a small whisper, I am awakened to the truth that my Father’s anger and judgment for transgression and sin is always motivated by love  and seeks the highest good for the individual or nation. As a Christian, how is my anger over sin revealed in my heart? If it is not motivated by the unconditional love of God for the person or nation and to see them be drawn into a deep and abiding love relationship with their Creator…than my anger is amiss.

Are you angry today? Be sure it is in line with the Word of God and His character.

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