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    Read Through the Bible in 2019 Week 1, Days 1-3

    Welcome to our first meeting in this venture; I am so glad you are here!!

    I don’t intend these posts to be long, because the point is to hear what God is teaching all of us through His Word. Remember: this is not an in-depth study — these readings are meant to reveal God and his ways; to give a bird’s-eye view of God’s plan through the ages. If your curiosity about something you read is piqued — that’s great! Jot it down (including the verse, so you can find it again) and go back later and dig away.

    Each year that I do this I get a journal of some kind (one year it was simply a new document in Microsoft Word) and on one side put “what I learn about God” and on the other “other observations.” As I read each day, I just add to the list. Usually I will just have a page or so per week, but that’s not set in stone. Sometimes, I will even follow a key word or phrase through the Bible — one year I “followed” steadfast love (chesed in the Hebrew) and noticed the who/what/when/where/why/how; another year God/Jesus/Holy Spirit himself. I can’t say this too often — this venture is your meeting with God; He wants you to know him. Doing this together is how we encourage each other to not give up.

    So . . . what “jumped out” at you in Genesis 1-9? I will share a couple of mine to get us started:

    what God says, happens (and it was so, in chapter 1)

    God initiates and pursues relationship with man, right from the start; walking in the garden; finding Adam after he sinned; warning Cain about where his attitude would take him and how to repent

    God brought the animals to Adam to name them; God brought the animals to Noah to bring them into the ark — he didn’t make Adam and Noah go out like cowboys and round them up 🙂

    and, sorry vegetarians, but God did give man meat for food after the flood (9:3) . . .

    Now — Romans 1-3

    God shows man who he is 1:19

    God doesn’t control people like robots — 1:21ff

    God’s kindness is intended to lead us to repentance 2:4

    God will demand payment for sin 2:6

    Paul was not afraid to ask God to grant a desire of his — to actually get to Rome 1:10, 13

    no one seeks God on their own 3:9-18

    knowledge of sin comes through the law 3:20

    Does that give you some ideas? I want to hear yours!


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