Finding Hope When Life Seems Dark: A Study of HOSEA

Finding Hope When Life Seems Dark: A Study of HOSEA

Thursdays, 10/22/2020 – 12/10/2020

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM, Pacific Time

Leader: Monica Lin


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Did you know: Hosea was cited or alluded to 40 times in the New Testament; Hosea has always been the 1st of the 12 so-called “Minor Prophets” even in ancient versions of the Bible that arranged the books in different orders; and the name “Hosea” means “Salvation”?  There are many fascinating fun facts you will learn in this special study of Hosea.

Hosea has something for everyone: Prophecy, timeless wisdom, unsolved mystery, little known fun facts, love story, history, geography, beautiful poetic writing, and most importantly – HOPE.

Yes, ultimately, Hosea offers hope.  

You will discover new treasures in Hosea that you did not know before, whatever your experience level!

You will join in your Leader’s Online classroom for LIVE weekly discussions. These LIVE discussions will help you grasp the material as you reason through the Scriptures together. You will receive the necessary information for the class in the Confirmation Email AFTER you register.

REQUIRED WORKBOOK: Click here to order on Amazon

Finding Hope When Life Seems Dark by Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries (The New Inductive Study Series – NISS)

With this inductive study of Hosea, “…readers will discover the light of God’s truth shining in even the darkest circumstances. As they learn to observe, interpret, and apply the text themselves, classes, small groups, and individual readers will enjoy using the tools of inductive Bible study to find God’s message of hope for difficult times.”

* This class will study the HOSEA portion of the workbook.

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