Teach Me Your Ways/Leviticus Online Class/Registration

Teach Me Your Ways/Leviticus Online Class/Registration

Teach Me Your Ways/Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy

Begins Tuesday, June 5 at 8 PM, EST


LEADER: Ann Bramble

This Online class has already studied Genesis and Exodus, but is designed for you to jump into ANYTIME. Ann Bramble would love for you to join her class and enjoy an overview study of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Leviticus a bore??? Absolutely not! You will learn more about the holiness of God and how to approach Him in His way. I, Alison, love the study of Leviticus and so did my students years ago. If you are not familiar with the New Inductive Study Series you can read about them below.

Ann will be taking her own reservations for this class. All you need to do is EMAIL Ann at ann@belovedtruth.com and she will send you all the info you need.

Here is a link to AMAZON (if you have Amazon Prime you pay no shipping) to purchase this book either workbook or Kindle style:

Teach Me Your Ways

Precept Ministries’ New Inductive Study Series

Do you long to immerse yourself in God’s Word but need a guide to match your busy lifestyle? The New Inductive Study Series, now complete covering every book of the Bible, was created to help you discover truth for yourself and go deeper into God’s precepts, promises and purposes. This powerful series is ideal for personal study, small groups, Sunday school classes, family devotions, and discipling others. Containing 13-week long studies, the New Inductive Study Series also provides easy planning for church curriculum! You can now survey the entire Bible through this complete series on your own or as a church, what are you waiting for?

REMEMBER: Email Ann to get all the information you will need to join her class Online at Beloved Truth Int’l.







How to Study the Bible Inductively/Lesson 1

How to Study the Bible Inductively
Lesson 1

What is Inductive Bible Study?

Inductive Bible Study simply means “the Bible is our primary text”. In other words, we are going to study the Bible text thoroughly before we ever pick up a commentary (which would be man’s interpretation of the text).
There are 3 Components to Inductive Bible Study

Observation answers the question: What does the text say?

Interpretation answers the question: What does the text mean?

Application answers the question: How does the meaning of the text apply to me?

If you would like to go a little deeper with me, I invite you to listen to my Podcast, “Engagement with Truth”.

I invite you to join my How to Study the Bible Inductively Facebook Group today! This is where you will find all the Lessons in the File Section and can comment with other students and where I go LIVE to teach a little bit more!

A Podcast that helps you learn the Inductive Bible Study Method.
You can listen below:

Engagements with Truth Inductive Bible Study Podcast

The Obvious is…Well…OBVIOUS!

The Obvious is…Well…OBVIOUS!

You walk into your local Mickey D’s. Now…close your eyes and get a mental picture of what you see. I’ve been in a host of McDonald’s and I bet I can guess what enters your mind.


No, I don’t read minds for a living. I just know that ninety-nine percent of the time the above mentioned examples are obvious to see at Mcdonald’s.

Let’s apply this to Bible study. When God gave us the sixty-six books of the Bible, He wrote it in such a way that you and I could know Him personally. How? By looking at the obvious! In God’s Word, the most obvious things are PEOPLE, PLACES AND EVENTS. Jesus Christ does not desire to hide Himself in some mystical way. He wants us to know Him and His undying love for each of us.
In today’s Podcast, Engagement with Truth, I shared the first 5 verses of the Gospel of John and showed my friends how to see the…you got it…obvious. In these verses, people are what stand out.

I want to encourage you to create an Engagement with Truth notebook. It can be the 99 cent kind or whatever suits your fancy. In this notebook, you may want to stow a printed copy of these blogs and the Observation Bible Text. You can print a free copy of John 1 right here:

Here is your EWT assignment today (be sure to pray before you start your assignments and ask the Lord to open the eyes of your heart):

1-Read John 1:1-5 and put a cross over every mention of the “Word”
2-In your notebook, begin a page and describe in list form what you learned about this person who is the Word (ask the 5 W’s and an H…who, what, when, where, why and how)
3-On a separate piece of paper, write down any personal applications the Lord reveals to you
That’s it for today!

If you would like to delve a little deeper, listen to today’s Podcast HERE.


Truth Talk

Truth Talk

In my previous blog post I shared about my new Podcast Program and Blog entitled “Engagement with Truth”. I guess we should start there…with the definition of truth.

Let’s talk turkey about the word truth. In other words, truth is serious business!

There is much dialogue in today’s society about whether or not there is such a thing as truth. Comments like “Truth is relative” or “My truth is my truth and your truth is your truth”. Huh? Really? My one response to both of these comments is a resounding “Is that a true statement?” Here is an interesting definition of truth taken from the Urban Dictionary:

Truth is something which would probably upset a great many of people if it were known and made public.

Truthfully speaking, most people have no idea of what the truth actually is.

Now Webster’s tried and true definition:

Truth is the actual state of a matter or that which conforms with fact or reality.

In other words, a chair is a chair. A sunny day is a sunny day. A dog is a dog. As opposed to the Urban Dictionary’s idea that we can have no idea what it is.

I am an inductive Bible study teacher. I instruct students to observe, interpret and apply the text of the Bible. That is my goal for the readers here and I plan to share more of the “how to’s” of this method as we progress in our “engagements with truth”. I can’t describe a dog, or even a breed of dog (I am partial to most all dogs, but have a special love for little “puggies”), if I have never observed or seen one.

Soon I will be releasing a new Podcast where we will be studying the Gospel of John together…inductively…in bite-sized pieces. John has a lot to say in regard to truth. Let me leave you with one of his statements…

Jesus said to him (Thomas), “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6

Here is your first “engagement with truth” assignment. By the way, you have to trust me with the why’s of these exercises for now. Stick with me and they will make a whole lot of sense in the near future.

EWT (Engagement with Truth)

1-Reread this blog post and circle every reference to truth.

2-How many times is truth mentioned?

3-What do you learn about truth?

4-WHO is the truth? And if HE is the truth, do you believe it is a reality?

5-If you believe it is (it’s OK if you don’t now, if anything you will learn a new way to study any type of reading material) how does your life reveal that you believe Jesus is the Truth?

I would love for you to share some answers to the questions above in the comment section.

Enough for today…coming soon…”Engagements with Truth in the Gospel of John”

FREE OFFER: Print a FREE copy of the NASB version of the Gospel of John HERE.

Engagement with Truth

Engagement with Truth

 Calendars! We all have at least one and for some of us two…or three!

What a busy, busy, busy society we live in today. As a result of performing a plethora of jobs at the same time, we have created a new catch phrase for our ability to perform. Multi-tasking! How many tasks can you really do well simultaneously? Who wants the pilot of a flight you are taking to be concentrating on flying the plane and teaching a course on computer programming at the same time? You get my drift. While I know multi-tasking is pretty much the way we function these days, is it important to have a set apart, devoted time to just one subject or task? Yes! If you are a Christ-follower, you have been set-apart or made holy to engage daily with the God of the universe and to fall in love with His glorious Presence.

Welcome to my new Blog and Podcast…”Engagement with Truth” where I will share with you simple tips to help you “engage” with the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life through His Word, the Bible. John 14:6

What is an engagement? Webster’s has a variety of meanings, all along the same line. “It is an appointment, betrothal, pledge or obligation.” My goal is pretty straightforward. It is to encourage you to have a daily “engagement” with God’s Word alone. Without distraction. It can happen in five minutes or proceed to five hours. The choice is yours and the time of your daily engagement will vary depending on what season of life the Lord has you currently experiencing.

In the coming days, I will be sharing life-changing “engagement” with God prompts here at the Blog and take you a little deeper through the “Engagement with God” Podcast. Stay tuned, as we will begin our journey into the Gospel of John soon.

If you would like to receive an email when a new “Engagement with God” is posted, please follow our blog here at Beloved Truth Online Bible Studies.




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