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Short Guide to Analyzing Thought Structure


➢ Structuring is a Bible study tool that helps you see the logical flow of thought in a passage. You are then better able to identify the context, purpose and theme of a book.

➢ How to structure:

o Write the entire text word for word in the exact order of the text o Do not add or leave out any words
o Do not rearrange the word order

➢ Realize the punctuation and chapter/verse divisions are added by the translators so do not give them much attention.

➢ Move complete thoughts (independent clauses) to the left margin

➢ Indent the supporting thoughts under the word which they explain.

o The word “for” indicates a supporting thought except the phrase “for this reason”.
o Verbs with “ing” ending (participles)
o Answers to when, where, why and how are indented.

➢ Structuring will help you identify contrasts, comparisons, order and lists.

➢ There are many ways to be right as you structure but it is possible to be wrong.

➢ Structuring forces you to:

o Think

o Slow down and really hear what God’s Word is saying

Print the above to use in future lessons HERE

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