What is a Self-Paced Bible Study at Beloved Truth

Beloved Truth believes that active participation in a LIVE class discussion will afford the student the most beneficial learning experience, but we understand not all students can meet at a scheduled time.

Self-Paced Online Bible Studies are for students whose schedules do not allow them to participate in a LIVE online Bible study. These studies can be a great resource for students who desire the classroom experience.

It's easy to take a self-paced study! Follow these three-steps and you are on your way to a deeper relationship with the Lord through His Word!

1-Order your workbook

2-Complete one lesson at a time

3-Listen to the pre-recorded audio discussion found on the  Beloved Truth Podcast Program

Now you can study God's Word on your timetable and feel a sense of community, too!

If you need more information, please contact admin@belovedtruth.com.

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Self-Paced Bible Studies