I am a lawyer by trade with a business background. I always tell people: “You don’t have to suffer.” When you realize you do not have to suffer, when you know you can break free from suffering, you can have peace – the ultimate blessing.

That is one reason why I believe every person should read and study the Bible for themselves, so that they get to know God’s word directly, so that they know they can expect great things to happen, so that they know they have hope and hope is real, so that they know they don’t have to suffer – so that they have peace.

When we read the Bible for ourselves, God speaks to us directly.  God has prepared personalized messages in the Bible that are tailored for each and every one of us. We will discover what they are when we study the Bible for ourselves. 

¬†Therefore, with the Bible study I lead through BTI, my goal is to empower people in God’s word and help them see hope.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking in mountains and watching movies. I also enjoy comparing different versions/translations of the Bible and exploring new Bible study tools.