Linda Gravett

On September 9, 2001 a stranger approached me at McDonald’s before church. I was reading my Bible in preparation for Sunday School. She asked me what book I was reading. I told her I was reading my Bible. She again asked what book I was reading. I do not remember what book but I told her. She invited me to the Tuesday morning Bible study at her church. Normally I would not have gone alone but the Holy Spirit led me to go. Our first class was on September 11, 2001. A day America will not forget. My life changed dramatically that day. They were studying Lord, I Want to Know You.

In 2004 my Bible study leader was moving to Germany with her Air Force spouse. She recommended Jannie Wilcoxson’s Sound Words Ministry. They were studying Kings & Prophets Part 1 and Deuteronomy PUPs at that time. I was so hungry for the Word of God that I took both classes. Jannie was a very dynamic leader.

In 2005 I attended my first training and study workshops at Precept Ministries in Chattanooga, TN. Since then I have been a part of the pilot studies of many new PUP studies. Chattanooga, TN is my second home. I became a Precept certified leader in 2005 and have led most of the types of Precept studies since then. I love being an online leader because it allows me to have students from across the country. I also lead ladies PUP studies at my local church.

My husband, Ted, and I married in 2006. I was 45 and he was 56. We were beyond child bearing age and it was a first marriage for both of us and we had no children from past relationships. Since then God has blessed us with 4 exchange students, Sharon, Wendy, Wonjun, and Amy. We consider these to be our children. We currently have no children at home but have a dog and two cats.

“I love being an online leader because it allows me to have students from across the country.”