LeeAnn Lubinski

Online Resource Coordinator

Lives in
Amherst, OH

Married to my high school sweetheart for over 30 years. We have 2 adult children. My husband, my daughter and I work at Oberlin College together…… ”the harvest is plentiful”!

I came to Precept several years ago on the heels of devastation from false doctrine. GOD is faithful and will lead and guide us when we cry out to Him…..boy was I crying out! He placed in my life a wonderful woman who I “happened” to meet while working as a temporary envelope stuffer at Oberlin. I expressed to her my dilemma and frustrations and my thoughts of giving up on Christianity altogether-because, in my words “it’s too darn hard!” The next day she gifted me with a Philippians PUP study and a Strong’s Concordance! I’ve been on this wild adventure with the Lord ever since.

Leading Precept studies is certainly not second nature for me. I am terrified of any public speaking, even small groups. BUT GOD (my two favorite words in the Bible), in my weakness HE IS STRONG! He comes through EVERY SINGLE TIME! HE truly is my ROCK!

My passion is His passion…..inviting and aiding people in the love affair of all time. Helping them to fall more deeply in love with The One True Lover of our souls. I am also wildly passionate about accurately handling His Word. I am eternally grateful for Precept Inductive Bible Studies; which offer a systematic, concise means of accomplishing that goal.

In addition, I am involved in musical theater. I work with the local Middle School serving as assistant director for their annual 8th grade musical, where I put my seamstress skills to work designing and creating costumes. A commitment I fully embraced after working through Precept Joshua study…..it’s a good GOD story….ask me about it.