Karen Wynott

I’ve been married for 45 years and we have a married daughter with three soon to be four grandchildren. We currently live in Prescott, AZ known as “everybody’s hometown”!

In the late 70’s I “tricked” my husband into going to church. The reason being I wanted to know how to keep my marriage together only to find out that I really didn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord. That was changed right then and there…39+ years ago. My husband two and a half months later and our daughter the following year. God was so good to place us in a good expository preaching church. That’s how eventually I would find how to study the Bible inductively. Not only did I learn how to study the Bible inductively I went to Logos Bible Institute, missions training, as well as other learning and training opportunities. I’m also a certified PUP leader with Precept Ministries. I have taught both in live classes as well as online classes through Precept Ministries and online with Beloved Truth. I’ve been involved in women’s ministry also organized women retreats and have lead Bible Study with scripture writing.