I was born in Canada and at the age of 6 months moved to Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia). We returned to Canada when I was six and when I left school served in the military and then the Canadian Police Department.   
At the age of  thirty I moved to New Zealand to marry a New Zealander.  I was accompanied by my nine year old son and my parents.  My husband Ray had two children from his previous marriage.  
There was great compatibility in all families and at the time I followed many aspects of the New Age Movement.  My mother was of Jewish heritage and my father was a non believer although he was the son on an Anglican minister.
David, my son married a lovely Christian girl and became a Baptist pastor. 
 A series of events brought me to the Lord.  The death of a stepdaughter who I loved and also the death of my father.  My life was unbearable and at that time my husband and I were transferred to Singapore.  In 1992 I gave my heart to the Lord and was introduced to Precepts.
On return to New Zealand two years later I worked hard at university and became an art teacher.
In the church I attended Orewa Community Church , an opportunity to work in creativity with the community emerged and that became my Ministry for many years.  Three years ago we retired and came to Nelson to be with our family.  
I have been working with Discipleship at Richmond Baptist Church and was thrilled to incorporate Precepts as the Bible Study to be used in discipling.  I have delighted returning my focus into the word and I delight in helping others finding the beauty of being in the Word.