Jane Jensen

Jane Jensen

Director of Discipleship & Prayer

My great love after the “Trinity” is sharing the “trinity” aspects in Discipleship.  They consist of prayer, fellowship and the Word of God.  This equips new Christians and encourages those who are Disciples to Disciple others.

I live in New Zealand in a “blended family” consisting of three generations and two dogs in a lovely home near the ocean and a range of amazing hills and mountains.  It is very beautiful.

I run a Discipleship program at our church which consists of 5 classes a week, a community outreach (Alpha), a prayer course, an inductive bible study, a team to disciple people and also a fellowship group called “knit together” that knits for premature babies throughout New Zealand. Since Covid I have spent time hosting Classes on Zoom for Precept, Digging Deeper and Beloved Truth.

My other passion is creativity.  I teach and have taught art, which immediately puts students in a position of really looking at God’s creation.  I illustrate for “Ethnos” that teaches adults to read, so that they can get into God’s Word.