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How to Study the Bible Inductively/Lesson 1

How to Study the Bible Inductively
Lesson 1

What is Inductive Bible Study?

Inductive Bible Study simply means “the Bible is our primary text”. In other words, we are going to study the Bible text thoroughly before we ever pick up a commentary (which would be man’s interpretation of the text).
There are 3 Components to Inductive Bible Study

Observation answers the question: What does the text say?

Interpretation answers the question: What does the text mean?

Application answers the question: How does the meaning of the text apply to me?

If you would like to go a little deeper with me, I invite you to listen to my Podcast, “Engagement with Truth”.

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A Podcast that helps you learn the Inductive Bible Study Method.
You can listen below:

Engagements with Truth Inductive Bible Study Podcast

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