Greater Columbia Precept is joining Beloved Truth Int’l as a Ministry Partner. We are excited to share with you the excitement they have in getting Inductive Bible Study out to South Carolina and the surrounding regions.

Here is a little about them:

First…we love their tagline…”Inductive Study that draws you into a personal understanding of the Bible”.

Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.

Whether you’re a new believer who wants to discover more about your relationship with God or a longtime Christian who wants to deepen your faith, Precept has something to offer you. Our invitation to you is come, taste and see that Lord is good.

All of our studies will guide you through the inductive study method and help you to discover the truth of the Bible for yourself. We offer NISS studies that permit you survey an entire book of the Bible and get a big picture of what that book is about. There are studies you can do in 40 minutes a day (alone or in a small group). There are some studies called “Lord” books that reach deeply into the heart of where you live and provide solid, sound answers to the things that confront you daily. We also have studies, for kids, studies for youth and studies that will immerse you in the Word for countless hours of sweet fellowship with the Lord ; and provide you an opportunity to share what you have discovered with others in a group discussion, once a week led by a trained leader.

The choice is yours! The meal is prepared. There is a variety to select from come and feast at table.

Visit Greater Columbia Precept’s Website

The Main Administrator for Greater Columbia Precept is our long time friend Roxanne Keeney

For more information email Roxanne at

*DISCLAIMER: Greater Columbia Precept is an independent ministry.

What is a Beloved Truth Int’l Ministry Partnersthip?





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