Gail Maddox

My name is Gail Maddox and I live in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. An interesting fact that is now somewhat unusual for this area – I am a native Atlantan!
Through the years I’ve managed to be involved in many aspects of the local church that I attended. Leading Precept is my favorite! A sure cure anytime I need a pick-me-up is to grab my trusty colored pencils and open my Bible. The inductive study method is the tool that has opened my understanding of God’s written Word for myself. Not only have I personally come to know God deeper, but I have also been called to help others discover truth for themselves.
My adventure the past 4+ years has been leading LIVE discussion online classes myself as well as working with a team of Bible Study Leaders involved in Online Inductive Bible studies. It is so much fun to discuss God’s Word with students of the Word who live who knows where – all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, and places farther away!
My Mission: to explore God’s Word in-depth with an intensity that is deep and firsthand.
My Vision: that I may take the treasures of truth in God’s Word into every facet of my life as I seek to live in the Holy Spirit’s power 24/7.
Won’t you JOIN me so we can each be prepared to live 24/7 as followers of Jesus Christ.

“Exploring God’s Transforming Truth Online”
Gail Maddox