Luke Part 2-The Savior of Sinners-Precept Upon Precept Bible Study


January 22 - 08:50 am


March 5 - 10:50 am

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Beloved Truth Online Bible Studies


Monday, January 22-March 5, 2018

8:50 AM, Eastern Time


Women-All Ages


Bible Study Leader: Cindy Langford




Luke Part 2 – The Savior of Sinners

What happens when Jesus, knowing crucifixion awaits Him, prepares to enter Jerusalem? How does He spend those final days? Handle His adversaries? What does He teach in the temple? And just what happens when Jesus dies and rises from the dead? These are important facts we need to know for ourselves, precepts for life that will prepare us for what lies ahead, and equip us to fulfill His calling on our lives. These are truths, prophecies, that seem ready to rise on the horizon of history.

The optional second hour of class will be listening to the DVD teaching of David Arthur.


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1.     You will join in your Leader’s Online classroom for LIVE weekly discussions. These LIVE discussions will help you grasp the material as you reason through the Scriptures together


2. The only cost for a Beloved Truth online class is your Bible Study Workbook.

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