On Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem, not on the back of a powerful prancing white stallion, but on the embarrassingly humble and small back of a donkey. He came in to Jerusalem that day just as Zechariah promised almost 550 years earlier (Zechariah 9:9Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)). That evening He returned to Bethany, probably to the home of Lazarus (John 12:1Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)).

The next morning Jesus walked back into Jerusalem, back into the Temple area.

It is Monday of Holy Week.

Three years prior Jesus had opened His public ministry with a scene very similar to this one (John 2:13–25Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)). The business men of the Temple had encountered the angry Jesus. That day Jesus’ cry was Stop making my Father’s house a place of business! Now towards the end of His life He cleansed the Temple for the second time! This time it was recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke. READ MORE…

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