Denise Matthews

On November 17th, 2017 God answered my prayers when Ben Matthews and I were wed in the chapel of our church. We knew because we had both prayed Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.”. We have 5 children and 4 grandchildren together. He grew up in the church and has always loved our Lord. I’m the other side of the coin, having turned away, many years ago, until, He called me back.
In 2008, lost as I was, I was talked into going to a Bible Study, Precepts, where I met the most patient women on earth! The study was Revelation. It fascinated me, and I wanted to know more.
That was the beginning. The summer of 2013 I was handed the mantle of the Precepts Class Leader at our church. Inductive Bible study has guided me to study and understand God’s Word for myself. Now with BTI, I can fulfill another of my prayers; to share the Word of God with other nations!
This is something I never dreamed of doing, BUT GOD came to me and raised me up, in so many ways! This is an eternal walk that I am walking with so many of you!
My brothers always called me “Nissi” and when I studied the names of God, Exodus 17:15 “Moses built an altar and named it The LORD is My Banner” (which in Hebrew is NISSI) I learned that He is my protector and He is my LORD. I can trust Him. And so can you!

“I can fulfill another of my prayers; to share the Word of God with other nations!”

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