I was raised in a home that attended a Methodist church regularly.  My parents had a tradition without a relationship.  As a child, I would sit up front in the sanctuary and close my eyes to try to understand the sermon.  I would get in trouble for sleeping!  I attended youth groups and Campus Life gatherings.  I often prayed to GOD and read my Living Bible.   During a Christian Camp, I realized I was a sinner in need of a Savior.  I walked the aisle and have been growing ever since.  I married my husband 43 years ago today.  We raised 4 adult children and are enjoying 8 grandchildren from ages 1 to 16.  We took all of our children, at different times, on short term mission trips to the Dominican Republic.  Missions are also a part of my heart.   I have been involved in Precept ministries since 1990 where I hooked up with a group of ladies that had just begun the Revelation PUP study.  I was hooked and have been studying and teaching PUP studies ever since.