Courage for the Unknown Season Webinar Recording

Courage for the Unknown Season with Jan Silvious and Pam Gillaspie

Beloved Truth Int’l was blessed to share this encouraging LIVE Webinar with our friends and we would love to share it with you!

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We all face seasonal changes. The passing years take us on journeys of change―whether we want it or not. In Courage for the Unknown Season, Jan Silvious acts as a wise guide for those who find themselves in new seasons of life, offering perspective and practical insights to encourage the soul and offer hope.

Anyone facing an unexpected change in life or relationship will be drawn to this book as a guide for walking through the shifting seasons. They can make it through this time with courage, strength, and yes, even joy!

“Life is too long to keep doing the things we need to stop and too short to miss the things we want to begin.”

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