FALL CLASS REGISTRATION NOW AVAILABLE! Hope you can study God's Word Online with us!

How to Register Your Online Bible Study

BT Class Request Process for Online Bible Studies

1-For any Non-Precept Bible Study contact Alison Schuster at alison@belovedtruth.com prior to registering (after your Non-Precept class is approved, proceed to the next steps). After this, all Precept and Non-Precept leaders will follow the process beginning with #2.

2-Download a Class Request Form HERE

3-Complete and send to Deborah Perry at debperry53@gmail.com. Deborah will advise you if the BT venue requested is available and approved.

4-When a student registers for your class, you will receive an email from BT Event Registration (the Subject Line will say: Event Registration Details). This email will give you the name and email address of the student registered.

5-Two weeks prior to your class start date, Deborah Perry will send you a class roster of the students registered for you class.

6- If you have any questions or changes to your online venue or with respect to the leader class request process, please contact Deborah Perry at debperry53@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or experience any problems with the above, contact Deborah Perry at debperry53@gmail.com.

Enjoy studying God’s Word Online with your students!

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“Connecting People to the Bible Online…Anytime…Anyplace!”

Online Bible Study Leaders Class Request Forms below:

Download Beloved Truth Class Request Form HERE

Thanks for being a vital part of the BT Team!

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