You’ve Got Mail!

You’ve Got Mail!

I have asked some of Beloved Truth’s Online Bible Study Leaders to share a little about why they enjoy leading Online Bible Studies. Of course, I put myself on the spot and realized I have to chime in as well.

Here goes…

Remember the phrase “You’ve got mail?” In 2008, when all I knew about the internet was how to retrieve my email, the Lord put a crazy idea in my mind. Now I thought it was crazy, but, of course, He didn’t! We serve a God of order…not confusion! The thought came to mind about leading Precept Bible Studies in a Chat Room (which at that time was all the rage)! And…to actually create a Social Network as a place to share these studies. Didn’t I say I was only an email junkie at the computer? I tell ya…God can do anything from nothing!

It’s been quite a few years, online classes and Podcasts since then, but today I feel more blessed to be sharing with people around the world than ever! I love meeting people…online and off! I love teaching people…online and off! I even love hugging people…virtually and offline!

Studying the Bible online does not replace the need for being with other students in a local setting, but it does open the doors for those who do not have that opportunity! It amazes me that the gospel of Jesus can travel so far with just a few keystrokes and I thank God for each hungry student He has sent my way!

Hope you will join me or another Beloved Truth Online Bible Study Leader someday for an Online study!

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