Do you need more of an “experience” to “experience” God?

Have some Christians been given a quarter, a half…three quarters of the Holy Spirit?

Are you missing out on some special and divine knowledge of God that He imparts to some and not others?

Answers…NO, NO AND NO!

The Apostle Paul addresses these questions in his Letter to the Church in Colossae.

These questions have plagued Christ’s church from the first century to this very day.

The heresy of Gnosticism is running rampant across social media and in small circles of those who claim Christ’s name.

Gnosticism…now that’s an odd word. Where did that false teaching derive it’s name?

It’s root in the Greek language is “gnosis” which means “knowledge”. Pretty simple, huh? This was a doctrine that took that word to new extremes and had some believers feeling “less knowledgable” than others. It taught that a special few had a secret knowledge…a deeper knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are studying the Bible inductively with us, you will immediately see a key word here…KNOWLEDGE! It added things to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are studying the book of Colossians via Podcast. We invite you to join us for this overview Inductive Bible study.

Exercise Your Inquiring Mind

Exercise Your Inquiring Mind

Ever heard the slogan “Inquiring Minds Want to Know? I know…a not so great example, but the question posed is a good one. Especially if it is placed in the context of a very positive thing.

We begin our new BTI Podcast in the book of Colossians asking the question, “how do I exercise my inquiring mind?” This Podcast has a goal of introducing you to the inductive Bible study method. I will drop breadcrumbs of inductive principles as we “dig deeper into truth that transforms” together!

What is an inductive Bible study? Tune in today to discover more.

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