Barbara Kipfer

New Zealand

I was born in Switzerland. I am a secondary school teacher. In my late twenties I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. 

In 1993 I came to Bible school in New Zealand where I was introduced to Precept Bible Studies. PUP Judges was my first study ever. I was blown away as it described where I came from and the way out. I was hooked! 

After moving to New Zealand with my husband Peter, I became a Precept leader and a workshop trainer, and then in 2005 the national coordinator for Precept Ministries New Zealand. 

My passion is to empower others to facilitate Precept Bible studies. I thoroughly enjoy building and leading the team facilitating Precept studies inside prisons. Nothing beats watching people being transformed by God’s word, facilitators and students.

In my leisure time, I love reading, baking, and going for bush walks.

“Nothing beats watching people being transformed by God’s word, both facilitators and students.”