Alison Schuster

Alison Schuster

Founder and Ministry Director

Alison Schuster, the Founder and Ministry Director of Beloved Truth, is a passionate advocate for studying and teaching God’s Word. With over thirty years of experience, she has devoted herself to helping women understand how to study the Bible and apply its teachings to their lives.

Alison’s love for God’s Word extends beyond her ministry work. She resides in a charming small town in North Carolina with her best friend and husband of forty years, Bob. Their cozy ‘mother-in-law’ apartment, affectionately known as ‘Cornwall Cottage’ after the beloved series ‘Poldark,’ is connected to their daughter and son-in-love’s home. Alison cherishes the joy of having her two grandbabies pop in for visits anytime they desire. Additionally, her son and daughter-in-love also reside in North Carolina.

A true animal lover, Alison shares her home with her mischievous pugs, Beau and Moose, and their larger furry sibling, Thor the Newfoundland. These adorable pups are more than just pets—they are cherished members of the family.

In 2009, Alison witnessed the miraculous creation of Beloved Truth as an online Bible study ministry, with the Lord’s guidance. She stands amazed at how God has worked through this platform to impact the lives of countless believers. Alison considers it an honor and privilege to play a small part in His kingdom-building plan.

Join Alison and be a part of the Beloved Truth community, because at Beloved Truth, the Word is beloved.