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Welcome to An Adventure in Advent

We invite you to join us for a daily journey and adventure during this Advent season. Celebrate the joys of Christmas with a new thought for each day leading up to this blessed occasion.

Beginning Sunday, December 3 (the first day of Advent), we will post a new adventure for you and your family! How do you participate? Simply CLICK on the Calendar below to read and find your encouragement to LIVE IT OUT on a daily basis!

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Advent is not a Countdown to Christmas! Observance of the Advent season is a tradition that has undergone much change over the years. The word “Advent” is from the Greek word parousia, which has been translated into English as “arrival or coming.” It is believed by many scholars that it originated as a time of spiritual preparation for the early Church’s Celebration of Epiphany (the January 6th celebration of Jesus’ birth, baptism and first miracle). Forty days of fasting, prayer and repentance characterized this time frame. By the sixth century, the Roman Catholic church linked it to the pagan-turned-Christian celebration of Christmas.

We look back and celebrate Christ’s first advent. We remember the VERY pregnant Mary riding on a donkey ALL the way to Bethlehem, the inn, the manger, the animals, the star, the angels, the shepherds, the wonder … (This would be a perfect time to shout Hallelujah!!) … If we have received God’s gift of salvation and Jesus Christ has come to live His life through us, we are presently abiding in Him and awaiting His second advent. There will be no inn, no manger, no very pregnant Mary, no cattle lowing or sheep baaing BUT the great trumpet of the Lord will sound and all will see Him as He is and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!! Hallelujah!!

Each day Adventures in Advent remembers His first Advent, challenges us for living out today in His presence and anticipates in hope His Second Coming. May this simple activity bring you back to the still, the simple, the sacred.

Looking for and hastening the Day of His Coming …